Why Usain Bolt will be proud of India’s monsoon

NEW DELHI: It was running behind schedule till last week. In fact, when it hadn’t moved for 9 days since June 13, bets were on if this is going to be the longest break monsoon has taken in June in the last 8 years (13 days in 2010).

Then it moved, slowly at first. Next, it picked up pace like Usain Bolt and made up for a lag of 9 days by arriving a day ahead of schedule in Delhi (June 28 instead of June 29). As a result of its Bolt-like acceleration, the monsoon has

covered the entire country
17 days ahead of its normal onset date (July 15).


The four-month monsoon season normally begins from June 1 and ends on September 30. This year, monsoon touched Kerala on May 29, three days ahead of its normal onset date.


Of the four months, June contributes 17% of the total rainfall, July 32%, August 28% and September 23%.

The southwest monsoon gives 70 per rains to the country, where agriculture still remains a major contributor to the GDP.

(With inputs from agencies)

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